Figuring out how to turn an idea into something tangible drives my creative process. My nature inspired work is process oriented. Through taking an interdisciplinary approach to media, I am able to utilize my photography, sculpture and painting skills in order to develop the sensory depth and layers of meaning I strive to achieve in my work. 

The concept of ‘self-similarity’ inspired me to explore patterns found in nature. These complex patterns form the underlying structure of my work. Distilled patterns from nature such as, the branches of a tree or wave patterns in the water, inform both my colour palette as well as the way I integrate the inherent properties of the materials I use.

My “acrylic on carved plywood” paintings demonstrate this process of integrating the physical properties of materials with the overall image. For instance in my “water” series, I echo the wave patterns and movement of water through accentuating the wood grain. Likewise, the acrylic mediums and colours in the work are chosen with the intention of creating a visual connection to the fluid, sparking, sunlit waves. Through my process I strive to make my work more tactile and visually rich. Ultimately, I hope to inspire people to go outside and experience the living, intricate patterns of nature.

My formal education includes: a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Mount Allison University; a Bachelor of Education from Vancouver Island University; a Diploma in Graphic Communications and Print Technology from SAIT Polytechnic; and a Certificate from the Photography Program at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.

Lando Gallery in Edmonton, Alberta has represented my artwork since 2004. My artwork is included in private collections in Canada—British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and New Brunswick—Hong Kong and Denmark. For a complete resume please visit my LinkedIn page.

self_portrait_vector_web-1024x998 copy

Self Portrait

©Teresa Healy, 2015