Online Course for Youth 12-14 yrs

This six session Introduction to Photography course, covers the core skills students need to start using photography to better express their creative ideas. Through learning more about the origins of photography and the tools and techniques used by photographers, students will improve their photography skills and build a collection of photographs that reflect their creativity and vision.

Course Details

Class SizeMax. 6
ScheduleSelf-directed Asynchronous Learning:
Students use the website to guide themselves through the lessons and activities.
InstructionVirtual meet and greet with teacher at course start.
Teacher feedback and support available via email.
Final project presentation using online slide show.
Students NeedA digital image capture device: digital camera, smart phone, tablet etc.
Internet access
LocationOnline: Course website allows students to access all content and project info.
DeliveryLinked access to course website provided after registration and payment received.
Date/CostTBD Registration Closed Until Spring Session

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